Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Closure & Potty Training

Okay, my life can return to normal now. My book devouring marathon is over. But I don't see why there can't be another and another in the series? Why does this book number 4 need to be the final story of Edward & Bella? Seems to me, they will always be facing some sort of impossible danger. Granted, many storylines were neatly wrapped up but I think that new avenues of possibilities were also opened. I did find out that a book, from Edward's point of view of Twilight, is in the works. That sounds heavenly - as long as there are no Jacob Chapters! Are you reading this Ms Stephanie??! No Jacob Chapters, please.

Hugo is beginning potty training. Very, very exciting here at our house. I don't know what I'm doing but what I am doing, or we're doing, seems to be working. Today Mr Hugo told me he had to go potty - "I potty!" He also wanted to take a shower. I settled for trying out the potty. Each time we change his diaper we then run to the bathroom and try out sitting on the potty. Surprisingly, he has actually "done it" three times by just sitting there. I was shocked. Today was different. Today Hugo said, "I potty!" while we were in the bathroom and I was hurrying to get pretty before a Relief Society picnic. I hadn't offered the suggestion to him. It was all his idea and he really did go!

What should the next step be in this potty training adventure of ours? I'm not sure I'm ready for a naked boy running about all day. I thought I was but... How does one go about this? Do you pack a picnic and hang outside in the yard all day? How often do I need to apply sunscreen to his white bum? What about gravel? Help!!!


Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

What a genius Hugo is. He can grasp the concept of going potty on the toilet. Good job Ali!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

big boy... sounds like he "gets it"
and that is so much of it!

for my girlies... the less of a big deal i made out of it... the better they did! THEY had to decide for themselves. you think the time will never come and then tada... no more diapers! woohoo!

way back wed... for sure... i think it is fun to take a glance back. oh my... how far we've come!

i was just by your site the other day oogling over the artist you have linked! LOVE them!

Jessica Newell said...


Dr. Pete Stavinoha is a child psychologist at the hospital where I work - Children's Medical Center in Dallas, TX. He just wrote a great book called Stress-Free Potty Training (, and he outlines the importance of training a child according to his personality. Is Hugo a goal-directed child? A strong-willed child? He offers specific tips for each of five distinct personality types.

Dr. Pete also offers a few (immediately gratifying!) tips in a video here:

Good luck! Although, it sounds like you may not need much. Hugo seems like a naturally talented little guy.

And by the way, I love that you include Rodrigo and Belle in the blog! I have two Chihuahua babies - Mia and Macy - and they are definitely key players in my family's life! :)

Shaka said...

good luck the potty training! he'll catch on quickly!

lainakay said...

Ooh! Potty training... so fun! Best of luck and sanity!

Re: BD - I, too, would've loved another book. Actually I would have liked BD to be broken into two books with more details. Loved the story line though.

Can't wait for Midnight Sun!

Sorry, can't agree about Jacob. I've got a soft spot for him. Edward is my love but Jacob is sweet, impetuous but sweet!