Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dog Sitting

Today Hugo pretended to be asleep on my big pink chair. He even made fake snoring sounds!

Hugo recently discovered his shadow. We were walking back from the mailbox and I just so happened to have my camera in my pocket! I wonder if Hugo has watched one to many episodes of Winnie the Pooh? Tigger thought he had lost his shadow the other morning... I think somebody was paying attention.

We have been watching our canine friend Layla and Hugo has been in doggie heaven! He feeds her treats and tells her to sit and stop. She kinda listens to him, kinda. He tries to throw sticks for her but she grabs them out of his hand before he has a chance to release.

So, here we were playing in the yard. I wanted to take some photos of Hugo running about with Ms Layla but well, they were kinda quick for me. It was also kinda bright and hard to see for me. So, this is what I ended up with...

Oh yeah, these last two shots were fun. I had Hugo up, balancing on my feet doing the airplane thing. Ms Layla didn't get it. She thought she was missing out on the fun or possibly we were wrestling or possibly I was hurting him, I'm really not sure. Don't speak Chocolate Lab. Anyway, she was barky and antsy and finally charged us both knocking Hugo off my feet and in the process trampled all over me and the camera. Hugo was screaming, I was screaming and stupid Layla kept charging at us jumpin all around in circles while chasing her tail! The dumb dog. We quickly marched her bottom back into her crate and rewarded ourselves with some popsickles chilly, chill out of the freezer.


Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

Ali, Do you cut Hugo's hair? He has such beautiful hair. I love it. I want my boys to have longer hair, but Ephraim keeps buzzing it off. He cuts his gorgeous hair off too. He should buzz my ugly hair off, not theirs.

Alissa Nicolau said...

Roxi My Dear, You do not have ugly hair. You never have had ugly hair and you never will have ugly hair! Silly girl you. Yes, I do cut Hugo's hair. It is pretty tricky and I really, truly don't know what I'm doing. And, sometimes it is very, very obvious that I don't know what I'm doing!

Why your husband buzz cuts his hair is such a mind boggler to me. Ephraim's hair is sooo beautiful. If he were my husband, I'd bury the clippers in a deep hole in the back yard. Clippers? Did you mean hair clippers hunny? Goodness, I don't know? Did you ask the kids? Ha, ha!