Thursday, August 21, 2008

Popular Pool Toys

Hugo is a lot like Cesar. Have I mentioned this before? I think so. So here we are at the pool and what does the kid do for fun? Line up all the whales and sharks. Organization, organization, organization! Gotta be organized, just like his Poppa. Hugo does put his dirty clothes in the laundry basket and he does throw his own smelly diapers in the trash. But he hasn't caught on to putting his toys away at the end of the day. Or even when it isn't the end of the day, but when he is moving on to something new to play with. I gotta learn that clean-up song. "Clean up, Clean up, blah, blah, blah...blah...blah, blah, blah." something like that, right?! I hear other smarter mother's than me singing it once in awhile and I try to fake it like I know it but I don't and I feel stupid. But the dumb song works! I've seen all the kids join in "cleaning up" and singing right along with the adults, those who know the words at least, they sing along with! If that silly song would have been the one thing I could have learned at those Mommy & Me classes, which we never did attend, the song alone would have been worth the big bucks spent!

Hugo really likes to kiss right now. His kisses range from normal, to funny fish lip lookin kisses, the popular Eskimo nose kiss, the eyelash makin butterfly kiss, and the ever handy Portuguese double cheek kiss. Sometimes, I can't believe it but, I am just - kissed - out. No more kisses kid! And sometimes he wants to get all kissy in public while I am pushing him around in a cart somewhere and I wonder what others are thinking about us being all super kissy?! I don't understand why when I really, really want a kiss out of the kid it turns into a no-way-Jose situation. Not fair. Why can't all the kissy time kisses get spread around a bit? A daily ration ya know. Why?

Just so ya know, I did not set up the above dolphins and killer whales kissing. That was all Hugo. Organization and kissing, two great traits to come all preprogrammed from his Papa!


Shaka said...

last time he was at my house he just lined up all the cars on the couch. he's funny!

KristyKay said...


Audra said...

The organized pool floaties are hilarious. A boy after my own heart! I wish our pool let the kids have blow-up floats. "Absolutely no floatation devices of any sort". Kill joys. Really enjoyed your pool pics this summer!