Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Smoke Trouble

Big Smoke Trouble is something that my Dad has always said to us and tonight it applies to me, his eldest, Alissa Anne. You see I was jealous. I coveted my sisters new blog layout. Wanted it to be mine, mine, mine right now. I emailed her earlier in the day and.... nothing. Didn't hear from her. Stinker. So, tonight I was up waiting for my Husband to call me and was bored of looking at my so simple two column blog. I dialed Ms Millie up annddd she answered! and she laughed at me because she knew why I was calling! Said she would email me the info tomorrow. Tomorrow wasn't good enough for me when I heard all the cool things she had found out how to do. Good sister that she is, she turned her computer back on and gave me not one link but two to check out. (!Smile!) But, I did it all wrong. As you can plainly see, I lost my header and all my fun side bar stuff. I also can't customize my page anymore, isn't even an option. I am in Big Smoke Blogging Trouble. I am super worried about losing all my posts if I try to mess with it anymore than I already have. I did email the gal whose tricks I tried to use and am hoping that she'll take pity on me and come to my blogging rescue real soon! So wish me luck and health to my post history please!


Millie Price said...

At least you've come big copy cat!!! Oh well, I have to say I was feeling really bad for you last night, and very much relieved this morning to see that you've gotten most everything to return. How long did you stay up???? Maybe I don't want to know. Talk to you later gator

Audra said...

I feel your pain, Ali. I too, don't like the squished two column blog I have. I feel like the margins are totally wasted! Perhaps I'll have to tinker with mine as well. :)