Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Green, Green Don't Go Away

I am dreaming in green.

I am breathing in the scent of fresh cut grass. Holding it deep within my lungs, afraid of what might happen when I exhale.

I am holding, grasping, klinging onto each and every precious last day of summer green.


Cesar said...

Your blog is prettier and prettier everytime I check in. Now you have that bold new picture on your masthead.
I like.
I like very much.
Miss you.
I know that this kind of stuff belongs on our secret blog, but I haven't logged in over there yet...

KristyKay said...

You have become quite the writer! Perhaps I passed on more than my interest in sewing. Let it flow!

Millie Price said...

love the pics. i'm feeling you on the green thing too...summer is irresistible to me!