Sunday, April 3, 2011

17 Months

Look who turned 17 months old today!  Our girls are doing so great.  Sabine "awakens" a bit more every day.  She finally will allow herself to full on belly laugh while being tickled and she will bend and tilt her head, with a big smile on her pretty face, as she makes eye contact with me.  She is awakening and it is wonderful.  Marlo is a full on smarty pants.  This morning as I was unbuckling everyone from their car seats out front of Hugo's preschool, Marlo tried again and again to push the button for her top latch.  Both girls will climb into their own seats.  She watches and then copies everything I do.  She wipes the table with a napkin, Kleenex, or a sock.  She loves trying to dress herself and she'll follow me around the kitchen and close the cupboard drawers for me.  Marlo also pulled about out about 15 hairs from the back of Sabine's head in the midst of a toddler fight.  She then wanted to kiss Sabine on the lips to make it better. 

I've found that the word "out" is more effective with the girls than the word "no".  Now Marlo walks around saying "out" with authority in her baby voice.  And for the life of me, I can't get the girls to call me Mama.  They both holler out "Ma" whenever they want to find me.  Lovely.  I keep patting my chest and saying Mama and they smile and say "Ma"!

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