Friday, April 22, 2011

Egg Hunt #2

Our second Easter Egg hunt, and counting, was awesome!  It was generously held by friends from church who have 12 beautiful acres and hide something like 350 eggs each year.  They are also smart and divide the kids into three separate age groups and the children hunt for eggs in age assigned locations with varying levels of egg collecting difficulty.  The day was breezy outdoors and the rain stayed away, hooray! 

The children had all been asked to run and collect 10 eggs and then to pause and wait for the other kids to collect the same amount of eggs and then they would all be released in a giant free for all egg search.  Hugo was not such a good listener.  Hugo was a very, very good egg collector though.  Hugo had collected something like 30 eggs, he is correcting me by saying there were 100 eggs in his bag... anyhoo, Hugo was not a good listener.  Hugo had a wee bit of a problem waiting and sharing his found eggs. 

On our drive home we happened upon a mass of cars pulled over on the side of the road watching the trees with cameras in their hands.  I slowed down and peered through the passenger window to see if I could see anything and there was a BEAR!  A BEAR!  A Momma BEAR with three little cubs up a tree.  The girlies were sleeping in their chairs as I pulled over the van.  Hugo and I jumped out as I locked the doors and carried Hugo on my hip passed parked vehicles for a better view of the bear family.  It was amazing.  And beautiful.  I told Hugo that this was a special sight we were witness to, these bears were not in a zoo, but were wild!  I felt energized seeing the bear family up close, I also felt bad for her.  I wondered if anyone had called the police to move them to safety.  Sure enough, as I turned to walk Hugo and myself back to the van, the police arrived and began to clear all of us looky loos out. 

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