Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Long Summer Ahead


We met up with the Hoyt's at the park this afternoon.  I used the outing as a giant bribe all day long for Mr Hugo.  I needed something to hold his attention to keep him on track with listening to me.   A trip to the park to play with Amy and Hannah was the golden ticket.

Today was also the day to have the staple removed from the back of his head.  Really, we could have done it yesterday after school, but he was scared and I wasn't sure what to tell him, if it would hurt removing the staple or not.  I guess neither of us were mentally prepared to have the silly staple come out yesterday.  He did a grand old job of freaking his classmates and teacher out with all the head scratching and pulling of the staple in class yesterday.  He hasn't touched it at home.  Barely tolerates me to part his hair for a peek.  Somehow or other he managed to twist the staple around in his scalp, the Doc had to untwist it quick before he could use his dandy tool to remove it.  The staple was out in a flash and the staff sweetly prepared not one but three balloons for us, the girls came along for this quick trip.  I can't say enough about what a trooper Hugo was.  I believe he was full on prepared for the worst.  He stretched himself out flat on the table, held one of my hands tight, squeezed his eyes shut and held super still.  Hugo is my brave boy.

The girls loved the park.  Loved, loved, looooved the park!  More and more Miss Sabine is proving to me just how fearless and determined she is.   Marlo I don't feel I have a complete picture of.  She keeps surprising me, so more on her in the future.  I can see ..........Hold your horses, Marlo just flushed the toilet for the first time.  She is crying now.......  What I was going to say is that this is going to be a long summer for me.  I am going to be running a lot.  I am going to be saying, "No, no, no..." a lot.  I am hoping that my heart wont have cause to skip too many beats.  I think I need a massive baby gate.  And baby leashes.  With loud bells. 

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Maggie said...

So is that why you bought the running shoes then?? :)