Thursday, April 21, 2011

Playdate Egg Hunt!

We met at the Weston's for a playdate egg hunt and had a blast!  It was a sunny and windy day.  So why the rain coats on the girls?  Because they served as excellent wind deflectors for their little bodies and ears.  The girls weren't interested in the eggs on the ground one bit.  The big kids were running left and right and my girls weren't sure where to look next.  I barely saw Hugo all afternoon.  At one point I heard him crying from somewhere upstairs, he had fallen off the bunk bed and crashed into an indoor slide.  Poor Tyler was a good sport with Hugo following his every move calling him "Lucas" over and over again.  I guess he is missing his cousin.   In June Hugo, we will see Cousin Lucas in June at Auntie Maggie's wedding!

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