Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hugo's Phone

 I upgraded my second generation iPhone and was then able to give Hugo my old phone turned into an iPod to "play" with.  He is soooo super excited about this!  I took off everything that was not kid friendly and filled it chock full of games, a few books, Despicable Me, his friend photos, and kid music.  Hugo wants his hands on the iPod at all times leading me to hide it in my top dresser drawer.  How old will Hugo be when he discovers his Mother's favorite of favorite stashing places? 

Tonight I discovered these photos on Hugo's phone/ipod.  I can't wait to listen in on all the songs he has recorded of himself singing!  Love my boy.

p.s. the black & white shots are of wooden guns that Cesar made for Hugo.  He has slept with them.  They're that sort of toy love:)

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