Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hugo Turns 5!

                              Three...                                                   Four...                                                  Five!                                

Today was Hugo's 5th birthday and I'm not sure who was more excited, Hugo or myself.  He is sooo happy to finally be 5.  Hugo has also been telling me that when we have his kid party, he'll then be 6!  Hold on there slugger!!  We are having a drawn out birthday celebration for him.  Party with Papa today, party with Vovo next weekend, Easter weekend is next, and then we'll host Hugo's kid party the following weekend, or so...  Cesar suggested having the friend party at the Little Gym, but I really want to have it here at the house.  To do it up with a knight and princess theme for both Hugo's boy and girl friends.  Work will be involved, but I just wanna.

We decided to lean toward the simple with gifts this year, Hugo hasn't been so hot about cleaning his room.  I bought him a board game from Papa, a Hawk Man and Flash Imaginext figurines from the girls, and a 1.5 gallon fish tank from me.  Cesar had said no to the fish.  I said that fish could be flushed down the toilet if need be.  I had really wanted to get a parakeet.  Cesar really, really said no.  So, I settled for this nice, small tank with 2 black spotted mole, 1 blue (Because blue is Hugo's favorite color.  I had originally wanted to get all blue fish but they only had two blue guppy's at our PetSmart so in the end, I decided to mix fish colors up.) guppy, 1 orange guppy, and 1 African frog who happens to live underwater all the time.  Hugo spied the tank set up on the kitchen counter the night before his birthday and threw his arms around me and hugged me tight and said I was the best Momma ever.

Two nights ago I asked Hugo what kind of cake he'd like for his birthday, his answer was a superhero cake.  The rest of our conversation went a little something like:

Me:  No, no, no silly.  Do you want a chocolate cake or a strawberry cake or a carrot cake?  You name it and I'll try it.

Hugo:  While scratching his chin and starring up at the ceiling with his head cocked for added drama... I think... I want... aaaaaaa... a Loooove cake!  Yeah!!  A Loooove cake Mom!

Me:  A love cake?

Hugo:  Yeah!  A Loooove cake and you can make whatever frosting you want.  I just want a love cake!

So I put on my thinking cap and remembered a forgotten heart shaped pan tucked away in the pantry.  It was perfect for my little boys Loooove cake!  Oh, and it had to be blue, because blue is Hugo's favorite color.

Hugo was happy morning till night.


hi! my name is Lora. said...

Total awesomeness!! It's sooooo good to be 5! Happy Birthday, Hugo!!

KristyKay said...

Dear Hugo!!!
How can it be 5 years ALREADY?????
I guess the blue cake wasn't so bad after all....the white frosting helped a lot!
Love to all and specially to our Mr Hugo....
Grandma May XXXXXXX

Maggie said...

No wonder why I haven't heard from you in awhile: you've been planning birthday parties! And baking loooove cakes. Hugo cracks me UP. He's adorable. Happy belated birthday to the craziest nephew EVER. Glad to read/see you are such a dedicated momma. That's awesome. :)

RyRy said...

Happy Birthday Hugo!
What a handsome boy you are!

much love to you and your fam!


Millie Price said...

i was excited to be able to finally have a moment to check out the "loooove cake" that i'd heard about. it's awesome!! what a cute guy! happy bday hugo!

Lizzie Bingham said...

Loved this post, so fun! I also happened to remember a certain fish you brought home from the Fair that lived FOR-EV-ER! Hope you have just as good of luck with the new ones!