Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hugo and I dyed eggs for the Easter Bunny tonight after the girls were down for bedtime.  The house was quiet and Hugo was excited being that this was our very first time dying eggs.  We tried our best to enlist Papa's help, but he wasn't so interested.  Boo hoo for him!  The eggs dyed up quicker than I thought.  Hugo vanished as I cleaned up the kitchen. 

I found Hugo and Papa snuggled on the couch with Jurassic Park beginning on the TV.  Really, Papa Cesar?  Hugo was super duper, over the hill excited because he looooves dinosaurs and is our resident dinosaur expert.  He forgot all about the eggs.  All the early talking in the movie bored him to tears.  He asked a million, trillion questions.  I heard a knock at our door... It was Ms Sheri come to drop off Easter treats for the children!  She settled in to chat with us in front of the movie and stuck around for some of the more frightening scenes with the t-rex devouring everything in sight.  If I could only describe the looks of Hugo's face as he sat transfixed by the tv screen.  The movie shed a whole new light upon his beloved t-rex and velociraptors.

Sheri:  Are dinosaurs your favorite animals Hugo?
Hugo:  Not anymore.

It was priceless:)

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