Saturday, April 30, 2011

They're At It Again

Hugo coaxed Papa into nailing down a few floorboards for his long anticipated tree house.  The little bugger sneaks up the scaffolding every chance he gets.  He has also fallen off the scaffolding a few times...  The monkey that he is, doesn't listen to barely a word out of my mouth these days.  I must say, that he does still come running for a kiss upon his injured finger, back, head, or eyeball.  The other day he slid down the stairs wrong and wanted me to kiss his bare foot, I drew the kissing booboo line right there.  I told Hugo that I was not about to kiss his dirty, smelly foot, for nothing.  That got his attention and before I knew it, he was laughing.  Laughter is the next best medicine to the kissing kind.

That last shot of Marlo is a close up of her version of "sand lipgloss", she wears it well don't you think?  I'm enamored with Sabine's wispy waves.  I know they wont last, so I'll take pictures while I may.  Oh yes, Sabine is wearing the latest of summer bronzer from the oh so chic cosmetic house of Daddy's Dodge Tailpipe.  It is going to be a long, long summer.


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Pagan Sphinx said...

Kids are so funny! Thanks for the smiles. :-)