Friday, April 29, 2011

Morning View

Sabine, nor I, slept well last night.  Eventually, I brought her into bed with me in hopes we could then both rest.  It must have worked because I didn't stir again until 7:30am when I woke to Marlo calling for me.  I opened my eyes to this lovely sight and reached for my camera.  I snuck out of bed and into the nursery holding my finger to my lips as I whispered sshhhhh to Miss Marlo.  She sshhhhhed back to me with her own finger in front of her lips as she bounced up in down upon her crib mattress.  Back in my own bed, Marlo was delighted at the sight of her sleeping siblings, trouble was, she wanted to play with them.  It was a struggle to keep her from mauling them both, the quiet, peaceful scene above lasted maybe 10 minutes more. 

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KristyKay said...

Ohhhh...aren't they cute when they 're asleep!