Saturday, April 3, 2010

5 Months Today

People ask me how old the girls are whenever we are out and about. I've been telling them 4 months, four months, four months, four months, but today, they are five months old. Time flies. Speaking of time flying faster than a speeding bullet, Hugo's birthday is just around the corner. Look how big he looks compared to his baby sisters! Huge he is! Growing out of all his pants, got highwaters about the ankles he does. And sweet our Hugo is. What a good big brother Hugo has turned out to be. He loves talking about how we are all a family and that he loves his baby sisters. He still lets it slip that Sabine is his favorite... Sometimes I think his Papa might agree! Little Miss Marlo is still our crab cake, our cranky pants, our Miss Misunderstood. Little Miss Sabine is mellow sweetness with a smile on top. Five months old they are.

The girls had their first "twin"moment today. Check out the above photo to see how they each lost a sock off their right leg. Twiners.

The weather is boo-t-full! Can't get enough of being outdoors. Except that I have two babies this spring, so my time outdoors is unfortunately, limited. I want to work in the garden again. I ignored the poor thing last year. I ignored the entire yard last year. Not this year though. I want us to spend time each day in the sunshine. There was a nice breeze today. Check out Marlo's bangs flapping up and down with the wind. She loved it and that's good cause she and her sister are gonna be spending a lot of time in their pack n' play while I garden here and there. That's the real problem. I will want to be here and there while I work in the yard. I'll have to hook the baby jail up to the mower and pull them around behind me. Just kidding! We'll make it work.

Cesar raked and raked the side yard today. He came inside sneezing up a storm with blood shot eyes and weary limbs. I sent him upstairs to shower off the pollen and relax before dinner.

I still marvel over those lashes of his.

Did ya spy Hugo squirting me with his water pistol?
He thought he was pretty darn funny!

The End


Maggie May said...

I just smile like an idiot whenever I scroll through your kid pics. I have no idea which twin is which yet but they are fun to look at! Happy Easter to the Baptistas. :)

KristyKay said...

Very beautiful pictures. Please E-mail me the 2 separate ones of the girls and one that "sorta" matches of Hugo..all about the same size please.

All their smiles are just perfect right now. Tell Cesar that he needs some tanning gel on those legs of his!

cally said...

They are so beautiful. SO beautiful.

Lora said...

Absolutely gorgeous family, Ali!! Thanks for these photos...they brightened my day!!

Millie Price said...

i really like this post! especially the pic of hugo crashing and the girls on the hill! precious