Saturday, April 17, 2010

Miss Sabine

We saw the plastics doc this past week to check out Miss Sabine's birthmark.  I was told that her birthmark is in the mole family and will grow in size as our pretty girl ages and may potentially turn cancerous years down the road.  The doc advised seeing little Miss Sabine again in 4 months time to evaluate any changes in the birthmarks size, shape and color and to see how physically strong she has become.  Why does it matter how strong she may be?  Well, the doc wants to put her under general anesthesia so that she wont move while they slice the birthmark down the middle, remove the center and sew up the incision.  3 - 4 months later they will repeat the process.  I asked why they couldn't use a laser instead of actually cutting her.  The doc explained that a laser only changes the pigment of the birthmark and Sabine's needs to removed.  I'm not sure how I feel about her going under general anesthesia.  I think we'll be getting a second opinion. 

This close-up of Sabine is to remind me of the scant, long hairs on top of her head.  She has a nice crop of new hair coming in.  Wonder what color hair she'll have a year from now or even two, four or eighteen years from now?

Marlo looks like she's sporting a combover most of the time, poor thing.  She had a pretty rough day today and ahhhhhh, yesterday too.  Any takers?  She's such a little pill till the point where you're about ready to heave-ho her out the window and then... she'll smile at you.  We're so seriously gonna have to watch out for this one.  She is gonna be t-r-o-u-b-l-e, trouble like Hugo has never thought of before.  Shhhh.  I think I can hear my Mom laughing, or is it cackling???!  She is so desperate for one of her offspring to suffer like she did long ago by the antics of her son Joshua.  He was t-r-o-u-b-l-e, trouble - and still is!  Ha, ha, ha!  Love you Josh!

See that red dot on the left side of Marlo's nose?  Evie the cat poked her while she dozed next to Papa in our bed as I nursed Sabine in the nursery this morning.  Lovely.  Evie has been fired from her nursemaid duties.  Marlo screamed bloody murder a second time today when she also rolled off Papa's tummy onto the floor bonking her head this afternoon.  It was not her day.

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Millie Price said...

i want to see them sooo bad! maybe this fall or late summer??