Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hugo's Birthday Dinner

I whipped up an apple spice cake with goat cheese frosting for Hugo's Birthday weekend wrap-up.  Hugo wasn't so keen on how the frosting tasted plus, he reminded me how he had wanted blue frosting.  Everything needs to be blue these days.  I promised that we'd have normal tasting, blue frosting on his cupcakes for preschool on Tuesday.  He ate a little of his cake.  A little.  He wanted to move on to present time.  By the way, just before dinner, Hugo asked if we'd be wearing party hats.  I ran for the scrapbooking paper!

Hugo gave his first talk in Primary today.  His subject, nothing less than the restoration.  Papa hooked him up.  I had hoped to help out by whispering the words into Hugo's ear, but Sabine wouldn't extend her nursing schedule any longer, Papa stepped in for the talk whispering rescue.  After church I heard from another mom that he spoke well and loudly into the microphone. 

We gave Hugo the Batman Cave plastic tower thingy and a t-ball shooter.  Vava gave Hugo a load of books we found together at Savers and Hugo has been watching the mailbox for his Indians from Popeye.  The Indians, cowboys and soldiers were all mentioned in the boy's prayer tonight!


Millie Price said...

totally diggin the hats! did cesar get contacts? i haven't seen him so much without his glasses, what's up?

Alissa Nicolau said...

Cesar does not have contacts, he just likes posin' for the camera all natural!

Those hats took me a minute a piece to produce and were a real hit with Hugo Man! We all wore them throughout dinner and cake time, then Cesar tossed them into the fire. Boo hoo hoo... I was thinking about making some fabric ones that we dig out each year for all our birthdays.