Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hugo & The Indians

Hugo's box of much longed for Indians arrived today.  He could not wait to see what Popeye had picked out for him one minute longer so we ran up to the house lickity split! 

As Hugo played with his new figurines at the kitchen counter, I did bedtime with the girls.  Once I was back downstairs, Hugo helped me to whip up some blue, and I do mean blue, cupcakes for his preschool class.  Birthday celebrations continue...

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cally said...

That top picture is so great! I love it. I think I want to get on ebay and buy so old cowboys and indians.

I'd love to do a trade, Alissa. 2 dolls for some wonderful handmade knitted item? duh, i'm a go.

email me and we'll discuss details.