Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Sunday

Hugo and I made pancakes, bacon and fruit salad for breakfast.  His tummy rumbled and rumbled as he asked over and over when we would eat.

I said, "You wanna eat?  Set some plates on the table."

So he did.

Before we knew it, Hugo's tummy was rumbling again.

I said, "You wanna eat?  Set some forks on the table."

So he did.

Hugo also worked some table setting magic with the glasses, a plate of bacon and the syrup.  His help was awesome and gave me a glimpse into the future.  Sunday morning was surely off to a good start!

Returning home from church always feels like a frenzied race has begun.  Clothes need to be changed, a dog needs to go outside, the cat wants inside, the fire desires wood to burn bright and warm, diapers need to be checked, scriptures, diaper bags, infant carriers and Ole all need to be put away, babies need to be settled and comforted all while there are lots of bellies which hunger to be filled asap.  It's a race.  A mad dash to have tasty food in our bellies.

This afternoon Cesar was outside, I was in the kitchen and Master Hugo was on baby happiness patrol.  The living room was quiet.  Hmmmmm.  Upon investigation I found Marlo buried in blankets and baby toys.  I couldn't say that Hugo wasn't helping but, how many toys does the girl need!?

Here Cesar is doing his part of baby happiness patrol.  Marlo has been grumpy, have I mentioned this before?  The girls are slowly waking up to the fact that they have a twin.  I catch them looking at each other now and again.  Sometimes they hold hands.

I've got a funny Papa story...  Marlo was about to lose it during sacrament so I slipped out of the chapel to nurse her in the mother's room.  Upon my return to our pew, I found a sleeping Papa, a sleeping Sabine and a missing Hugo.  As we were sitting near the front of the room, I did my best at appearing as nonchalant about all this as I could.  I poked our sleeping Papa awake to ask him where our son might be.  He quickly shot a sleepy lizard eye over a shoulder and said, "Back there."  I peeked backward over my shoulder and was met with lots of smiling faces.  "Back where?" I inquired.  Papa reached his arm over the back of our pew to point to a child's back, "Right here."  "That isn't our kid!" I hissed.  Cesar's eyes shot open and did a double take over his shoulder.  "Well, he has a sweater just like that!"  Meanwhile, all the pews behind us had witnessed everything and had been waiting.  Marlo's crankiness, my leaving with her, Cesar falling asleep, Hugo's disappearance, my return-shock-quick search-and interrogation of the Papa, and finally, they all waited and chuckled at Cesar's loss of knowing the whereabouts of Hugo and got a bonus chuckle with his mistaken identity of the child in the pew behind us.  Hugo was happily three pews back with his friend Parker playing cars and airplanes.

Last but not least, out the kitchen window I spied Hugo having fun with the hose.  He told me he was watering my flowers and wanted to know how many marbles he could get by being such a good helper.


Lora said...

1-hour bread recipe?! YES PLEASE!! What a lovely Sunday, on both sides of the country. Hugo is cracking me up with the "watering"!!

lainakay said...

Too funny. The "watering" and the Papa story.

My husband "rests his eyes" throughout sacrament meeting often. You'd never catch the mama doing this... even though mamas typically have far more reason to need a couple extra z's!

Ah, life...

P.S. Jealous of your lovely dish drawer and your willing table setter!