Friday, April 16, 2010


I attempted to fold the laundry 
all - day - long 

It was finally finished at 10 pm.


lainakay said...

Been there... done that... though the laundry often waits days to be folded. Argh. The bane of my existence. Laundry.

It was so nice chatting with you (was that over a week ago already?) on Sunday.

I'm so impressed with how consistently you blog. This really is a wonderful journal of your day-to-day life. Your children will love perusing this someday!

Loving your photos, as always!

Maggie May said...

Just a quick comment on like the past 6 posts--the pics are great. I love the pics of the girls, especially the black & white of them looking at each other--precious. And Cesar is looking like: It's Good to Be King. The Sacrament story got me laughing, hard! :) Does he mind you putting all this stuff on the internet?? Maybe you should ask him first...?