Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tramp Jumpin' In The Rain

The girls had their developmental peds appointment this morning and all the news from the docs was good.  Yeah!  We have a follow-up visit scheduled in July and Sabine may need an ultrasound of her hips sometime soon, but all else was good news.  Tomorrow I need to call and put our Early Intervention evaluation appointment on hold.  I am relieved and feel settled inside.

Hugo happily spent the day with Things 3 & 4.  As I entered the backdoor to pick him up, he asked why I was there already and couldn't I go somewhere so he could keep playing.  The little stinker!  I ended up bringing the girls inside to nurse, play and chit chat.  After a long while, we noticed first the odd silence in the house and then the colorful objects bobbing up and down past the living room picture window.  Peeking past the blinds, we watched the three trouble makers race around in the rain with bare feet, bonnets, and miniature umbrellas.  By the time we made it outside with our cameras, the kids were climbing onto the trampoline with their umbrellas in tow.

When we packed up for home, Hugo was soaked and therefore stripped of his overalls and shirt as he entered the van.  I buckled his skivies clad frame into his car seat, covered him with a silk shawl and cranked the heat.  He begged for hot cocoa to warm his tummy and the music to be turned on.  No problem I told him.  Two minutes later he was passed out cold.  Oh, to be 4 once more... sigh.

p.s.  Notice the gold sticker on the back of Hugo's hand in the above photo?  He received it yesterday during Primary for his participation in reciting an Article of Faith.  He hasn't wanted to wash his hands since, in fear the sticker will come off!

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Millie Price said...

i love that hugo want's to keep his sticker on 4EVER!!!! how cute is that!!