Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I took the girls for a developmental screening last week. It was a horrible, no good, driving rain type day. Hugo was dropped off at a friends house to play while Ruth Ann met me at the screening site to help with the girls. The door to the school was opened for me as I ran with the girls all tucked in and heavy in their seats. The women had all assumed I'd be a no show that day. I smiled and assured them that this appointment was very important to me. The paperwork was handled quickly and the girls were gushed over. Everyone loves the girls and their quick smiles. All and all, it was a good visit. Because our girls are so young the head of the screening department was called in to asses them. I liked her a lot. She picked up on my concerns quickly and asked questions which made me think. The screening results led to a recommendation of a full evaluation for both girls. I still am not sure what the difference between a screening and an evaluation is, the answer I had been given was funding. As I left the warmth of the school building for the blustery day outside I felt peaceful. I felt settled and happy that I had listened to my gut and brought our girls in. I think that Marlo and Sabine are and will be fine, we just need a little help.

A week has gone by and already Sabine has made a great deal of improvement with her floppy neck. I've been trying out a few physical therapy tips that were advised. We've been assigned a case manager who is coming to the house this Thursday afternoon. She has papers for me to sign and wants to see the girls in their natural environment. I wonder what Hugo will think of all this?

Yesterday the girls had a well baby appointment with the family doc. Dr Amy said they looked great. Marlo is 12 lb 1 oz and Sabine is 11 lb 1 oz, both are about 25 inches long. I asked her about Marlo's rough skin and the cradle cap upon her head, she recommended a vinegar bath to reset the ph of her skin. Dr Amy agreed with my decision to get the ball rolling with Early Intervention. Near the end of this month we have an appointment set up with a developmental pediatric doc, its standard for preemies who spent time in the NICU. Also this month we'll be visiting plastics to follow up with the birth mark upon Sabine's leg.

So, so many doctor visits happening. Cesar wants me to schedule a check-up for him on the next available Friday morning. I was supposed to have done it today, but I forgot. I hope by typing this here it will trigger my brain to remember for tomorrow. Sorry Hunny!

Life is good. The kids (plural! yeah!!) are great. Evie the Cat is awesome. Rodrigo is ancient. Cesar is fabulous. And I, well... I am sleepy. Good Night!


Lora said...

So glad you followed your instincts, and your heart is at peace. Your little lovelies are gonna get just the help that they need. Now...I hope you got some sleep!

KristyKay said...

Your days certainly are filled. I wish you all the best and extra energy to accomplish all you do...I still want a long rock!

Maggie May said...

buy raw apple cider vinegar for those baths--Bragg's is best and cheap--get it at health food store.