Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Dreams

It has been completely beautiful outside the past few days.  What is it about both Spring and Fall weather that make you want to spend each waking moment out of doors?  Is it the temperatures rising and then eventually falling?  Could it be the wind itself, which ushers in the seasonal change?  I love opening the windows to hear and feel the wind flooding through the house, reviving us from our winter slumber.

I want to eat, sleep, run and play out in the warmth of the sunshine.  Hugo asks daily if we can go to the pool.  Rodrigo begs to be let outside every 10 minutes or so, eager to resume his game of chase with the squirrels.  Evie has been dreaming of chipmunk delight all winter long, we hope!

What I would really, really like to do, is work in my flower garden, even for only a few minutes a day.  I've got to make it happen.  Walking past while carrying the girls out to run errands, I long to stop, pull on some gloves to dig and weed and move and trim my way through the garden.  Cesar complimented the weed patch that it is, for it's organic beauty of the plants sowing themselves where they pleased last year.  Lots of work is in store for me.  When I close my eyes a new project appears, I have big dreams for the beginnings of a lovely and productive vegetable patch in the yard.  Where to put it?  Will I be able to convince my husband?  My weekend list of errands includes a stop for grass seed and a peek at the offerings of young herb plants.  One year we'll fill the yard with fruit and nut trees, move the raspberries, dig a salt water pool, add a pond, fence the yard, build a garage, a shop for Cesar, a fort for the kids, asphalt the drive and one day I'll finally get my chicken coop.  Maybe by that time, Cesar will have softened so as to be convinced into a pet goat, or two.  Maybe.

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KristyKay said...

By that time'll be 104 years old!
Keep it simple.