Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving At Vovo's House

Over the Berkshires and across 90 we drove to Vovo's house for a belated Thanksgiving Feast.

Hugo loves, loves, loves this car carrier truck with its little blue truck and its little green truck. This special car carrier truck lives at Vovo's house. Cousins Charlie, Sofia and Ari have all played with it. When Hugo bursts through the door he doesn't stop for hugs, kisses or any chance at all of someone admiring his holiday attire. He runs for the toys next to the television set. Hugo knows what he likes and where to find it, we are working on the thank you part.

Handsome Charles Sebastian

Lovely Sofia

Our generous and happy Popsha

Tio Rafael and sweet Miss Kelly

Some of Momsha's pretties.

The End

P.S. - Vovo let one super happy Hugo take the car carrier truck and its cargo home with him! He has slept the past two nights with the blue truck and the green car clenched in each of his two little hands!


amy said...

Charles and Sophia are almost as adorable as Hugo. Such lovely pictures.

that is the cutest thing that he falls asleep with his toys in hand.
I've fallen asleep with my cell phone in hand. Not because I so loved my cell, it was because I fell asleep setting my alarm. Oops. Luckily I woke up later realizing that I had not set it yet. Oh, and it wasn't in any way as adorable as Hugo and his cars.

And I'm curious as to what queijadas da vila are. It looks as though there should be an egg mc muffin inside.

KristyKay said...

It looks like a wonderful trip. Say "Hello" to all on the coast for me...although...Rafael HAS to lose the chin thing. It looks like he has dirt smeared on it or something. And he's too old for the "gang" look anyhow. He is such a handsome guy...get with it! And tell Cesar not to get any big ideas either!!! That funky facial hair is so nasty!!!

Pagan Sphinx said...

I discovered your blog through Shadow Shots, I think. I'm a sometimes contributor.

This is such a sweet post. I live in Massachusetts also and I'm of Portuguese origin. My daughters call their grandmother VoVo as well. :-)

I love the photos you took of the artifacts at the grandparents' house. I've tried that but I'm mostly unhappy with the results. But I do have really cool stuff!

Thanks for this. It was loads of fun. Hugo is a cutie. :-)

Hey Harriet said...

Thanksgiving at VoVo's house looks like it was such a sweet day. I love that Hugo falls asleep with his beloved toys in his hands. How cute!