Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Snow

It snowed fat, lazy, slow snow flakes throughout the night. Cesar left the house early, early this morning. I vaguely remember the sound of the shovel scraping at the sidewalk as I tried my best to remain deep within my dream state. I wondered if the sound of shoveling was a soundtrack looping in the background of my dream or if it was Sheri downstairs... Might she need help? I hadn't considered Cesar because as we walked upstairs late last night, he told me he wouldn't have time to get the shovel or the ice scraper out of the shed before he left for work. I told him not to worry.

Sometime after Cesar locked the door behind him, Hugo came crawling up into our bed. I told him that if he wanted to stay, he needed to curl up, close his eyes and go right back to sleep asap. And no playing with the cat! Those two are really something together. They're like Mike and Ike.

I woke a bit later to Hugo patting my face excitedly telling me, "Look Momma!! Snow! Look, look snow!" We ran around throwing wide the curtains in his room and on the landing. We checked out Poppa's tractor and the airplane swing through the window. Talked about how pretty the trees looked being all snow covered. It was fun to see and listen to how excited Hugo was. I spied a shoveled walk down below. My sweetheart had been there taking care of us.

Downstairs we went to perk up the fire and water the dogs. After a breakfast of Cheerios, clementines and milk, Hugo had a little cartoon fix. I gathered up the newest stack of finished Christmas cards completed the night before into my bag. There are a few gifts which needed wrapping and I hurried upstairs to complete the task while there weren't any little sticky fingers around to mess with my paper, ribbon and tape.

Finally, it was time to pull on our snow pants and boots. Hugo is wearing his very first pair of snow boots. Not his bug boots mind you, real snow boots, almost like the moon boots from days past. Little snowboarders light up on the outer sides of his boots as he stomps around. This was a snazzy surprise just discovered today!

Normally as we walk about the yard I sorta lead the way. At least point us in a direction and let Hugo take off running. Today was different. Today, Wednesday, the 17th of December, Hugo put his foot down. He had definite ideas as to where he wanted to explore in the snow first. Basically that meant the entire yard, minus the woods. In repeating circles. Around and around the house we tromped and slid through our slushy snow.

We found a lot of bunny tracks.

And some Layla tracks.

This photo shows Poppa's tire track with Hugo and Momma tracks.
Although we are apart by distance this day we are still connected.

Hugo Augustus

Snow pretties to share.

The End.


MAGGIE MAY said...

I'm jealous!!! Look at all that snow and an adorable Hugo exploring! Wish I were there, but glad you are coming to Utah soon! :)

J said...

It's pictures like these that make me wish that it snowed more often in Texas.

Millie Price said...

it snowed here in the mountains today and my kids are dying to go to UT for new there'd better be snow!

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

I haven't been blogging for a while, because it has been chaos non-stop since Thanksgiving. I miss seeing all of your beautiful pictures. Owen is going crazy right now with all of the snow we have here. He wants to be outside every chance he gets.

High Desert Diva said...

Snow is so pretty. The white stuff came down all day today. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be here for Christmas.

Ho, ho, ho!

Hey Harriet said...

How exciting to be exploring in the snow. It looks so beautiful. The second last photo is especially stunning. Wow!