Friday, December 12, 2008

The Big Melt

Some people in our county saw snow and lots of it falling between last evening and into the early morning. We didn't get any snow. Just ice. But all that ice was gone by morning. The sun rolled out from behind its cloud cover and beamed down upon us. Our yard received some damage. Two big tree limbs came down. It was sad but we had sun. And warmth.

Our neighbor Sheri invited Hugo and I for a walk into the village. I pulled on my hat and wrapped up in a cardigan thinking I'd get nice and hot while briskly walking behind the stroller. Hugo wore his hat, jacket, the stroller boot and his favorite fleece blanket - for just in case. Thank heavens for that blanket because the wind was strong and brisk. Our walk was shortened by half because of that wind. Hugo hid under his fleecey tent not caring a bit to be in his self imposed darkened cave. He only peeped out once when our walk was paused so Layla could run through a parking lot puddle which was very pond like.

Hugo taking a peep at Layla running and jumping about in the massive parking lot puddle.

Cesar arrived home early from work today.

Me: Let's go to the movies!!!

Cesar: What's playing?

Me: Bolt, I think.

Cesar: You want to see Bolt??

Me: Well, no, not especially but Hugo will! I heard it got good reviews.

Cesar: Oh really...

I took the above two photos with my iPhone while watching Bolt. I was happily surprised how well they came out! I had been trying to get a pic of Hugo because he was so into the movie and I wanted to remember the moment. There wasn't enough light for me to capture his image so I write what I remember. He wouldn't sit on my lap or his Poppa's lap. He did eat our popcorn or corn in Hugo land. He did guzzle down our Cherry Coke - bad parents. Sharing a seat with his parents or next to his parents was a big N - O spells no. He simply stood directly in front of us gripping onto the back of the seat in front of him (the theater was nearly empty) with his head tipped back ever so slightly. He is on the short side ya know. He might have even chewed on the plastic a bit. I'm not sure. The very last 10 minutes of the flick he finally climbed up on my lap. I wasn't allowed to rub his back, hold him too protectively (like squeeze, kiss, hug, ruffle his hair) or change position at all without him loudly protesting - "No MooOOOOooooom!"

I wanted to gobble him up right there in the theater he was so cute.


Lora said...

oh man, alissa...seriously, if this $7500 christmas gift to ourselves wouldn't have just blind-sided us, i'd SO be there. a clean, fresh, lavender sheeted bed sounds so divine right now. i will keep my eye on jetblue however, because a little escape might be right up my alley in '09. you're the best. have a wonderful weekend!

Hey Harriet said...

They are cool cinema shots! I need to upgrade my phone so I can take sneaky cinema shots. Hugo sounds like he has a lot of energy! Glad he enjoyed the 'corn' and cherry coke :)

M.Kate said...

I was forced to watch Madagascar 2 and Bolt by the kids last week..somehow I dont know when but I've graduated from Barney to Camp Rock and High School Musical 1,2 and 3..guess it makes me young..keeping up with the children :D