Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday Snow Day

I'm a full day behind here on my blog journal of mine. Christmas has almost arrived and I am not ready. I could be ready on Wednesday morning when we need to pile into the car and begin our drive to reach our family. I could be. I feel a major all nighter on the horizon for tomorrow! I have no idea what happened to this past month. Monsters - Hugo might say. So, yes, I am blaming my lack of preparation on the monsters in my life. This post is about what happened on Sunday, not today Monday. Nothing very interesting happened on Monday, just Sunday.

This is the view looking out from my kitchen sink. I was washing up dishes and couldn't stop looking about the yard. The snow was pouring from the sky and I was mesmerized by the view before me. We stayed indoors. We didn't go to church. I ran around the house and took pictures from inside our warm walls looking out.

This cedar and the tree below are out our dining room windows. I felt sorry for them and their weight of snow. Later, I used a shovel to knock the snow from the branches which I could reach.

This photo was taken from a kitchen window. The snowflakes were so big and so many and falling so quickly that I had to try to capture them. I didn't do a very good job but, if you look close you can see them. Fat, fluffy snowflakes falling furiously to the ground. The sky was no where to be seen. All was white. It was magical.

So, snow bound as we were, baking was on the agenda. First up was a chicken and rice casserole to be served for lunch. Next I made my Mother's sweet rolls for the very first time. I can't believe that I haven't ever made them before. They were fun! Hugo helped with the cinnamon sugar and the placing of the raisins.

Then we made Auntie Millie's top secret sugar cookie recipe!

Before I could make any frosting a curious glow surrounded the kitchen. Hugo said, "Wow!". The sun was out and the snow had stopped!

As Cesar napped on the couch near the fire, Hugo and I pulled on our snow pants, boots and hats and crept outside.

It was so beautiful.

The birds were out pecking away at the dried flower heads in the garden. Hugo loved seeing the birds!

I couldn't get over how glorious everything looked. It didn't matter in which direction I turned. Everywhere was beautiful. Magical.

Perfect ski lodge-esque sort of day.

And another 5 feet further down the lane from this shot, the plow man arrived. I was grateful to see him. To know that I would be able to leave my house in the car at some point soon was a relief on a certain level. But... it would have been nice to have believed we were snowed in at our own private winter wonderland for just a few minutes more.

The End.


sam said...

hey- looks just like utah! don't ya love it?

speaking of which- i head back to oregon on sat. the 27th. does that mean we'll miss each other?

wonder woman said...

I read calico and came over because I like your name.

It sounds like you had a glorious snow day at home. I love that you baked so much and took all these great pictures!

p.s. I like your name because it's like mine - alyssa nicole.

M.Kate said...

Beautiful winter images and certainly look very cold to me..brrrr..Here's wishing you a Merry and Blessed Christmas, a big hug to Hugo too :)

wonder woman said...

Alright. I've spent the last 15 minutes reading your blog and I l-o-v-e- it. Love your photography!

Alissa Nicolau said...

Hi Sam - We will miss each other cause I don't fly in to SLC until the evening of the 28th. Sad. Another time I hope.

Alyssa Nicole - Thank you for visiting and leaving such nice words here on my blog! Great name by the way.

Ms M.Kate - Hugo loves his hugs. Thank you for thinking of us during this busy time.

Merry Christmas to you all and much happiness for the New Year ahead! Thank you for visiting my little space.

Love - Alissa

Geri said...

Wow! Lots of snow. But I love the idea of baking and being cozy inside.

amy said...

stay warm! and those cookies looks delicious!

MAGGIE MAY said...

What a gorgeous, peaceful day. And I'm glad I don't have the urge to bake like you and Millie. I'd be fat as a barn. My fav pic is the last one of Hugo. It's funny and cute!

Anonymous said...

A lotta snow! Your cookies look delicious! Yes, I love the last photo, too. ;-)


KristyKay said...

WOW!! You did get a ton of snow. But today I think Joshua has bested you with a final total of 20" !!!
So,'re it!