Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Rec Center

We adore the Rec Center in town. A free place for the kids to run and jump and holler their heads off in the middle of winter. A place where mom's can meet and discuss which preschool and swim lesson program is best and the many reasons why any and all should attend. The rec holds craft time for the preschoolers, basketball camp for elementary kids and line dancing for seniors. It can be chilly for the adults standing on the sidelines watching all the tumbling and scooting about. The kids have rosy cheeks and big smiles, until someone rides on their favorite car that is. At the back of the gym is a stage. The stage is full of boxing equipment. Last year I about lost my mind constantly running to keep Hugo off the stage. He was fascinated by all the hanging bags and ropes. So far, he has forgotten about the stage and all the goodies it holds. I have my fingers crossed he wont be bored and go exploring until spring. I'll keep you posted.


Hey Harriet said...

The Rec Center looks like a lot of fun & such a great idea. Hugo is so cute! It appears that he has a little girlfriend. How sweet! :D

Alissa Nicolau said...

Hi Tracey,

I am terrible at responding to comments. I love getting comments I just feel funny responding for some odd reason. Maybe it has something to do with how surprised I am that anyone else would enjoy reading my mom style blog. I do want to thank you for being such a great new blogging friend. You know, anyone who thinks Hugo is cute ranks as a top friend in my book! Hugo does have a girlfriend - like 3 of them. Little girls far out weigh the little boys in his life. I should do a post about his friends because he talks about his "friends" now, all the time.