Monday, December 15, 2008

The elm tree on the right desperately needed to be cut down. Our neighbors were beginning to be quite nervous. With each storm, be it rain, snow or high winds we all held our breath. Please may a branch not hit their house! Please, oh please may a branch not hit their house! We called around for estimates, not the chopping up or the take away, only the actual chopping down of the elm. Boy was it pricey. We crossed our fingers and waited.

This past ice storm brought another large tree limb crashing ever so near our neighbor's house. Cesar was the man and decided that this was the weekend. The elm was coming down. It was coming down and it would land on our property and it would land between the two standing cedars. He tossed up a climbing rope wrapping it around the top part of the tree. Secured it around a third cedar across the driveway and revved up the chainsaw. Hugo and I hung out for a bit but the wind was cold and we soon headed indoors. I was washing dishes at the sink when the tree came crashing to the ground. I jumped two feet in the air at the sound. Hugo and I hurried back into our coats for a closer look.

Interesting mushrooms along the upper trunk.

Cesar did a great job felling our elm all on his own. It was a lot of work for him. He breathed in a ton of saw dust and coughed his way through Sunday. Our wood pile just grew a ton.

Sorry I went a little shroom crazy with the photos. I couldn't help myself!

The End.


Audra said... the mushroom shots! Sometimes simplicity is just amazing, isn't it? :)

Hey Harriet said...

Onya Cesar! What a guy!

I love that you went shroom crazy with the photos! The close-ups are gorgeous! Scrummy shroomies! :)

Millie Price said...

way to go cesar! he needs his own weekend man show on some locally produced station! i have a bunch of shroom shots somewhere at the new house, i should put them up on flicker, you'd like them....i thought i was the only one who thought they were pretty. now we can share!

KristyKay said...

That was a huge project well done, and without insurance-spiking incident on either side of the property line! Good job!!

Shayne said...

great mushroom shots they inspire me to paint