Monday, September 15, 2008

Poppa At The Park

Having Poppa home for an extra day found us at a new park. Here is the recap of our day:
We were spied with our fingers pointing out spiders in the rock crevices.

Big steps on steady rocks.

Chillin on the bench.

Checkin out the new park goods.

Static-y hair makes Momma giggle!

Static-y hair is the best!


Zoom, Zoom Poppa!

A little help maneuvering the monkey bars.

"1,2,1,2. Here I come!"

Poppa time.

Temperature perfect Hudson Valley River water.

Don't ask me what's going on with the hair. I told ya, he needs a trim.

Poppa has an idea.

No shoes allowed!

Splish, splash, splash!

He ran straight into the water. Full speed ahead and just about over his head!
Poppa Cesar ran fast and hauled the boy's soaking butt up and out of the river water.
We don't know what he was thinking.
It's a boat launch, not a toddler dunking zone.

The End!


Audra said...

Really cute pictures Ali. I love love the very first one. It seems so tender and loving-I think it's because their heads are sort of nuzzled together while they explore the rocks along the river. :)

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

I just watched the stroller swing video and then read about Hugo falling off the boat dock. That is another thing that is quite scary! Lucky that Dad's can be quick and strong too.
Hugo's hair just gets better and better doesn't it?

Millie Price said...

Ha! my favorite photos are the staticy hair, hugo sliding and hugo drenched! Taylor did the same thing off of a sandbar on the Wisconsin River! Josh, Curt, Epher and I were all jumping in and then Taylor (Mr. Scared of the Water) decided to go for it. All our jaws dropped open, he sank like a stone. I don't even remember who jumped in after him, Dad maybe??