Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Find

This is my very unorganized kitchen junk drawer. Note the Trident gum, it is Poppa Cesar's current favorite. It is also a source of great interest for our Hugo.

Hugo came to me upstairs to tell me he wanted some fish, translation = yummy in his tummy Goldfish. I bent down to wipe his nose, he said, "Tank you Mommy!" and I smelled something fishy. It was a good kind of fishy. A spearmint flavored freshness pooled out of his mouth with each uttered word.

Me: Uh oh Hugo, it smells like you've gotten into Poppa's gum.
Hugo: Poppa's? Poppa, Poppa, Poppa, Poppa, Poppa, Poppa, Poppa....
Me: Hugo, where is Poppa's gum?
Hugo: In here! -as he pointed to his tummy
Me: (Trying very hard to not giggle!) Take my hand Hugo and show me where the gum is, please.
Hugo: Okay Mommy. -he held my hand and led me down the stairs, through the living and dining rooms into the kitchen and right over to the junk drawer. Beneath the junk drawer was Hugo's little blue stool with a rooster painted on top. Now, this stool normally is in his room with a giant teddy bear seated on it. So, hmmmmm... he has been busy. How did he ever come up with the idea to haul the stool downstairs so he could peek into the junk drawer?

Looking into the drawer I could see packs of gum still neatly lined up inside the thin outer cardboard packaging from Sam's Club. I could also see one pack of gum was above and to the left of the cardboard box, it was open and almost full. I could also see two gum wrappers which were barely crumpled just inside the front edge of the drawer. But were these two gum (only two??!!) wrappers all that Hugo had consumed? Was he hiding another pack somewhere?

Me: Okay Hugo. Where is the gum?
Hugo: See above photo.


Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

Owen must somehow be communicating with Hugo. Just don't ever introduce Hugo to bubble tape. I am sure you can imagine.
My kids think an entire package of gum is only supposed to last for a couple of minutes. And yes, it also goes to their bellies.

KristyKay said...

All I do is laugh and giggle...Shades of yesteryear.

lainakay said...


Cha-Cha "borrows" gum from my purse on a regular basis. My beloved gum (Trident, too), the only thing that keeps me from being queasy 24/7. Then she chews it for about 5 minutes and either spits it out or "accidentally" swallows it. Then she comes back for more, about a half-hour later. Then Momma digs into her purse when she's sitting through Sunday School, trying not to gag because she hasn't eaten in too long, and NO GUM!

This happens far too often.

Toddlers and gum...