Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Love

We took a walk around town with our friends Ms Sheri and Layla tonight.

Hugo got to hold Layla's leash for a tiny moment.

We took a peek into a new scrumptious looking bake shop. We fell in love.

Hugo picked out a pink piggie sugar cookie!

We danced and spun circles around the kitchen waiting for our chicken and veggie dumplings to cook.

Hugo loves Evie and Evie loves Hugo.


lainakay said...

Don't stop taking lots of pictures. They're so delicious to look at. Loving that piggy cookie... lucky Hugo!

MAGGIE MAY said...

Whooooo! I'm dancin' to Ne Yo! Yah! Sexy!

beautiful fotos of Hugo. I like the cat too. :)

Millie Price said...

I haven't made sugar cookies in ages and that pink pig is making my mouth salivate! I'm totally makin' some!

Shaka said...

yummy bakery! i love baked goods