Monday, September 1, 2008

Vovo's Weekend

We spent two great days with our Vovo this weekend. Hugo dragged her by the hand all over the yard pointing out his favorite haunts.

We found grasshoppers galore after Poppa mowed the grass.

We blew good wishes with our found dandelions.

Had us some bubble magic time. Hugo said, "I did bubbles!"

Shared a yummy lunch of Chinese takeout - Thank you Vovo!


Checked out Vovo's neato car.

Caught a baby garter snake. It was not liking being caught. Kept hissing at us! Hugo would say, "Hold, hold" and then run away as Cesar tried to pass him the snake. Eventually Hugo did hold the snake. He squeezed its belly tight, Papa removed the snake from his hand. He cried and hollered when Cesar finally set the poor thing free.

We kissed and waved good-bye to Vovo as she prepared to set out on her long drive home.

Hands needed washing.

Faces needed scrubbing.
The End!


KristyKay said...

Hey! Looks like a nice break for Carolina. Hugo looked like he was really into her visit!

Let me in on this auction deal. I tried to place a bid but it wouldn't let me participate. How do you do that?

Shaka said...

looks like a nice weekend. we found a little snake a couple weekends ago at my brothers and thing 3 thought it was a worm and smashed the poor things back. not that we are into killing worms but she thought it needed to be mashed and proceeded to do so.

Alissa Nicolau said...

Ewwwww, gross!

amy said...

That was adorable, I felt like I was reading a childrens story book.

Alissa Nicolau said...

Dear Amy,

That was the nicest thing you could have ever said to me! Thank you! I adore children's books. Always have. And, I have had a secret dream of one day being an author of one.

I wasn't thinking kid book when I created the post. More like, something fun to read with Hugo as he begins to read one day.

Thank you again, I'm still smiling!