Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


KristyKay said... WHY wasn't I invited over for that chicken?
And what is with the rabbits? Cat food too expensive?
I think Hugo had the same idea by the look on his face. Like...what are my parents thinking? I'm glad to see Cesar having a bit of a rest.

Millie Price said...

I'm wondering the same thing...about the cat food and rabbits????? tell tell!

p.s. love the flower pics

Alissa Nicolau said...

1. You may fly in for dinner any evening of the week Mother Dear. And it was a yummy, yummy lemon chicken!

2. Cesar found the rabbits while mowing the "island". Hugo was, um, on the toilet, when Poppa brought the first rabbit inside. When he left, I put Hugo in the tub and suddenly Poppa was back. Not only was he back, he then held one, two, three! rabbits!! Hugo's eyes were pretty wide, but not wider than Rodrigo's!

3. We are all glad that Cesar had some rest. If you can call being ordered around by moi all weekend, rest!

Shaka said...

dinner looked good!

where did those bunny's come from?