Monday, September 29, 2008

Blue Skies & Spider Webs

We have sunny blue skies and a lazy cool wind freshening the house this afternoon. The windows have been thrown open inviting fall within. I feel like one of the chipmunks outside who are busily raiding my garden for seeds. I feel a need to hoard firewood. To fill the cupboards. Lists are stacking up of recipes calling for sweet potatoes, beef roasts, soups, Parker House rolls and cinnamon buns.
More hand written lists remind me of the cleaning and sorting tasks which need to be done in preparation for the fall and approaching winter. I sorted Hugo's clothing at the end of last week. Check! I made stacks of items for Goodwill, stacks of things he has outgrown which will be packed away into the attic, and stacks of saved summer clothes which with fingers crossed, will fit him next year. I made a new list of items he will need for the chilly months ahead. Snow boots, jeans, knitted vests and sweaters, mittens (heaps & heaps of mittens!), and a few church and Holiday outfits. I now need to empty out my closets (yes, there is an "s" at the end of the word closet) and begin fresh.

Also on my Winter preparation list: wash windows - all 30 of them!, empty out pantry, organize coat closet, finish craft room, paint the hall, plant bulbs, sort linen closet, quilt, knit, write cards, rake, prune trees and shrubs, clean flower beds, divide plants and pull weeds and weeds and weeds.

Anyone else feeling the need to prepare for winter's hibernation coma?

P.S. - Ms Jessica posted some of my Queen Anne's Lace photos on her beautiful design blog!
thank you!


Maggie May said...

that is one of the pretties spiderwebs i've ever seen!

lainakay said...

Lovely photos, as usual!

I'm enjoying your lists. Will you actually accomplish all those things!? I remember having lists like that and how delicious it felt to check everything off.

Lately my lists are much less demanding and unfortunately I still can't manage to check everything off. Who am I kidding? There's no list anymore, just a prompt in my head to make an actual list, which I never seem to get around to.

Oi, someday I'll get it back together. Until then, I'll just dream about your list!

Alissa Nicolau said...

I hope that by publicly posting a portion of what my actual list entails, I'll be held to acting upon it!

I know that you are being modest and are still very organized! Plus, right around the corner you'll find your second wind. Then your nesting impulse will take over all else and you'll throw your family into a baby prep cleaning and organizing frenzy!

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