Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Martha Stewart

A sister, a cousin, and a grandmother all drove many miles late Tuesday night for a visit here upstate. Not just any visit either. We had tickets to the Martha show in NYC! Our day began early, early Wednesday morning. We were excited. The topic of the show was blogging and we are blogging girls. We are authors of blogs, read blogs, share, promote, link, follow, twitter, and lurk about on all things blogger loverly. The show was, well, ahhhh, not what we had planned on. I was disappointed that my group, mommy/journaling/scrapbooking bloggers, weren't mentioned. What about all the blogs on tips, fashion, home decor, and the many upon many blogs highlighting wonderful artists? What about the blogging connection with Etsy?? Can't tell you how many wonderful blogs I've met and fallen in love with through Etsy. I love Etsy. I was left wanting more. So much more. The episode didn't seem Martha-y to me. No special touches. Nothing pretty. Nothing luxurious. Nothing inspiring. I am so sorry to write this last little bit Ms Martha. I think you could have shared with us bloggers, a bit more love.

I left the studio sad. I'm not sure why I had such a different show in mind. Well, I must have had my very own TV show all about blogging in mind! Curious?? Tune in to your local station for more to come from me, real soon....

We left the studio and began to walk and wander through the streets of the city. It was perfect. Perfect temperature, a light breeze, good friends, a flexible schedule and an angel of a baby + a helpful husband made for a perfect day. Thank you Shaka, The Dad, Thing 4 and Ms Lainakay for a great, great day!

The following images are what inspired me, and the camera, today. I have missed the city. I very much enjoyed my huge walk round about some of its parts. Thank you Ms Martha, for encouraging me to venture down to my old stomping grounds.

The End!


Jessica Sutton said...

great pictures! makes me want to plan a weekend trip :)

amy said...

First of all Mrs. Marjorie Parker sounds like the coolest lady on the block. If I knew where all my guests live, I'd drop off their invites personally too. Great idea with the witches hats and the brooms.

Second of all, you took some really awesome pictures. Some of my favorites: sunglasses, paper flowers, dishes, phonebook art, sheep, handlebars, man with argyle socks, and graffitti art.

Thirdly, how cool is it that you went to see Martha Stewart? I heard about the blog show. Were there any bloggers featured that you know of?

lainakay said...

Hey Alyssa,

I'm so impressed you actually did post all those pictures already. They came out great!

Thanks for a great day and for putting up with my poky, pregnant self! We got to see so much and you're a fabulous tour guide! You really do rock!

Millie Price said...

Looks fab! Your pics really made me want to go back to meager trip there in '96 wasn't enough. What I liked most about your pics was that they were so honest. Great work.

Lora said...

what a great day! i've never been to NY...maybe next year. thanks for the lovely photos.

Shaka said...

the day-fun!