Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Loves

The mailbox held something special for me yesterday. A wonderful gift from a lovely friend on the west coast. The artwork may look familiar to some of you because I have hosted this image on my sidebar for quite some time now. I love it! I love the colors. I love their pink circle cheeks. I love that the redhead is upside down as she offers up her gift of comfort, support and love in the form of beautiful white wings. When I next feel blue and all boo hoo hooey over myself, I plan to wander into my craft room and look upon this redheaded angels gift and remember the gift of friendship I have been given. If you would like more info on my new west coast angelfriend, check out her work here. Love you Sam!

Hugo loves, hates, then quickly loves again, our friend Miss Amy. Happy 3rd Birthday Amy!

Hugo loves on and kisses on our Evie kitty kat all day long.

This is the man I love. The photo was taken many moons ago during a stolen weekend in Vermont. I loved that trip. I love this memory. I love this man still.

The End!


Shaka said...

cute picture of you and ceasar!

KristyKay said...

We all love that guy! You aren't the only one!!

Maggie May said...

being in love is the best. especially love over time, it is so...awesome.

lainakay said...

Lovermont! (Cheesy, I know)

I, too, have fond memories of my own stolen trips to Vermont.

What a sweet photo!