Thursday, September 11, 2008

On The Hudson

Another fabulous fall day spent with friends on the Hudson River. Is it really fall already? It doesn't seem right to be typing the words "fall day." The nights are cool and chilly now. Last night as my bare feet walked across the wood floors they felt extra smooth and chill. I noted the feeling, tucked it away for a steamy hot, humidity ridden night. The soles of my feet slipped and slid with the smoothness of the boards. I felt like a little girl in that moment. I laughed at myself as milk sloshed from its glass down my pajama clad leg.

I do realize that fall is approaching yet, it just doesn't seem quite here. The shops and vegetable stands all have mums and pumpkins for sale. Yellow school buses are back on the roads. Stores are full of goblins and spooks, candy and glow in the dark teeth. But the days are still warm. The leaves are still green. Flowers are blooming.

We pulled over onto the shoulder of the road late this afternoon to watch a farmer bring in some of his corn. No big fancy combine for this farmer. Nope, just a regular old tractor with a snazzy attachment (that would make my husband green with jealousy) pulling a tall sided wagon that filled with corn husks as we watched.

I wore a sweater and packed a hoodie for Hugo today. I knew we would be playing on the banks of the Hudson which can be windy and chilly on the best of summer days. To solidify my idea of packing layers, our house felt cold to me this morning. I expected it to be near to freezing down on the water. I was wrong. It was beautiful. It was perfect. The kids soaked in sunshine, fresh breezes and played great together.

We saw Canadian geese.

A pair of swans flew past us.

We watched a tug boat push a long barge up the river and under a bridge.

We climbed ladders when Momma wasn't watching.

We laughed a lot.

We played Ring-Around-The-Rosies over and over.

We checked out the seagulls.

Tossed rocks into the water.

Climbed over this and that.

I warned him it wasn't a good idea, but he couldn't resist sniffing some washed up reeds. Hugo said, "Ew, stinky!" Then he held it up to his nose again and repeated, "Ew, stinky!"

Little fingers washed themselves in the river water.

The End.


Jin Hoyt said...

It was beautiful day. They ran and ran and laughed a lot. It was so lovely to see them having a good time.

Millie Price said...

sounds like the kids really enjoyed themselves. i love warm, sunshiny days during autumn time, they're my very favorite time of year. They are the most treasured of all days, savored even.

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

Ali, please do not cut Hugo's hair! It is so beautiful! I love that he is sniffing moss or whatever it is. Owen and Hugo would have a real great time together for sure. Probably scary for everyone else though. I love September too! Everyday seems to be perfect. Ephraim and I both feel that we made at least one good choice to be married in September. I love the little visual about spilling milk on your pajamas. That is sweet. Thanks Ali.

Shaka said...

looks like a great day at the park! i love that park! everytime i go there i make plans in my head to come back.

Shaka said...

hey, off the subject. i do still have to do the word verification to leave a comment. just to let you know.

Alissa Nicolau said...

Hi Roxi - I plan on trimming Hugo's hair, not a major style change. He is beginning to look rather sheep dogish.

Shaka - I fixed it!

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

I love sheep dogs!

KristyKay said...

I can attest to the fact that every day will slip away SO FAST you won't believe it. These blogs with all their pictures and comments are going to be invaluable to you in the future. These kids are so tender when they're small and you are so talented and so patient to do all these things and prepare each day so that you can live them to the regrets!

sam said...

whoever picked out Hugo's outfit that day is a genius. End of story.