Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time Outside

Hugo's second snow day of the week and, and, and... I was a lame-o parent. I couldn't find his snow pants or the sleds! Snow pants, even the sort that fit a four year old, are kinda big. I have *no idea* where they are. Really. And we own like three sleds and a giant blow up inner tube, I couldn't find them either.

I called Cesar at work to ask if he knew where the sleds were, because I remembered watching him sending Hugo down the hill on the one that looks like a surfboard with a pull rope attached to the top last weekend. I really wanted to find that one hoping to pull the girls slowly around the yard while they giggled with delight as I snapped pictures and Hugo danced circles around us. Hee, hee, hee!

Cesar texted back that the giant blow up inner tube was in the shed and that the surfboard sled was behind Hugo's igloo.

My husband has been out of town the past two nights. He has missed out on witnessing the heavens open and spilling forth more and more snow and ice upon us. There is no way we are getting into that shed till Hugo's birthday, in April. Maybe. And the surfboard sled behind the igloo, the snow swallowed it up like quicksand. I pulled on Cesar's boots, which are taller than mine, and stomped all the way around the igloo looking for the missing sled. Could not find it but got lots of snow in my boots. Awesome.

We made the best of it though. Hugo ran around the yard, while wearing his pajama bottoms instead of snowpants, checking out the snow drifts formed by the plowman and he tried to find the entrance to his igloo. Then he cried because he made a snowball with his bare hands. I do know where his gloves are, promise, he chose to not where them. The girls watched us from their vantage point of a Rubbermaid container with a blanket in the bottom. They watched and watched. They each tried twice to vacate the plastic tub, but with the surprise of the cold, wet snow on the palms of their hands, they weren't going anywhere. Snow = baby force field.

It was a good 15 minutes.

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