Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bathtub Watch Dogs

A sad story was told to me about a local woman whose baby drowned in the the bathtub a few weeks ago.  Supposedly, the mother left her child to answer the telephone.  I don't know more than this, nor do I care to fill my head with any more details of this tragedy.  But, I have thought of the poor mother.  And I've thought about how lucky I am to be a momma to three beautiful, bright children.  The thought of my girls in the bathtub brings a smile to my face because there is no way on God's green earth that Marlo and Sabine would even consider the slightest possibility of my leaving the bathroom while they are in the tub.  If I even make for the direction of the bathroom door, no matter how engrossed they are with bubbles and toys, they'll both jump, bolt up right and bellow at the top of their lungs while clinging to the side of the cast iron tub in dreadful fear of my leaving the room.  They don't act this way in any other room in the house.  Ever.  Only while they are in the bathtub and only if I seem to make for the doorway.  They're my bathtub watch dogs, not gonna allow their Momma to make a mistake.  I'm glad someone is watching out for me.

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Pagan Sphinx said...

This is just so dear. It counteracts the tragedy of the story you heard about. You good mama, you! :-)

I used to do social service outreach for an urban head start program. Once, when I had to do a visit to a young mom with two little kids, on the third floor. I could not get into the building but she was expecting me and went to the window to see if it was me. Then, she ran all the way downstairs to open the door to the building. Because I didn't know this family very well, I assumed that there was an adult watching the kids. When I went into the apartment, one of the kids was in the tub alone, where she had left him. Further, the tub was too full, the poor kid was in up over his waist, anyway. I was horrified. I did talk to her about it and she was accepting of my caution but she had no idea. Just no clue as to how to keep those kids safe. So sad.

But your blog makes me happy! :-)

Best to you and your beautiful family,

laina kay said...

Oh, babies and water... so scary. Good that your girls seem to have a healthy fear. Love those baby bellies. So cute!

Maggie said...

again, love the pics of the big bellied girls, buck naked! :) it's cute how they react in the bath, I haven't heard about that yet. Can't wait to see them in June! :)