Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Marlo Walked!

Miss Marlo walked last night right at bedtime!  Will she remember this in the morning I wondered?  I was tidying up the bathroom when she waltzed right up to me.  I was taken by surprise, I had thought she was Sabine and sorta ignored her.  Upon a double take, I realized my mistake and happily freaked out!  She beamed up at me, like the bright star she is.  I had really thought it would take her another week or two to be upright on her two chubby feet, but nope, I was wrong. 

Today Marlo mixed crawling, her invented knee walk, and true walking throughout the day.  She is still hesitant on her feet.  She has more difficulty with the initial stand up than her sister Sabine.  She'll bounce up and down, up and down trying to make it to a standing position in the middle of the floor.  Practice makes perfect. 

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Shaka said...

wow they are both walking!! did your life just get BUSY!! ;)

Audra said...

Yay Marlo! You knew she wouldn't watch her sister toddling around long before she joined in the fun! I love these candid pics of them playing. The look on Hugo's face is priceless-you can just imagine what he is thinking about those girls all over. ;)

Stay warm, think Spring!