Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Post of Updates

"It is a great art, to saunter."  Henry David Thoreau

The kids are in need of a post of updates.  So here goes.

Hugo is our Billy Elliot.  He has always liked to dance and sing, but lately he has been a twirling, whirling boy.  He loves to shake his hips Elvis style, with bent knees and all, while at the same time, he'll jump in the air and spin about.  I'm beginning to think he might actually like a dance class.

We watched Cinderella one morning last week while in the midst of a two hour snow delay.   Hugo has been singing the Fairy Godmother song, which plays from his sisters pink Disney princess microphone, *all*wrong*.   You know the one, where she turns the mice into horses, a pumpkin into a grand coach, and in the end, Cinderella gets her gown and famous glass slippers.  Well, The Fairy Godmother sings "Bipitty, Bopitty, Boo" and Hugo sings "Hipitty, Hopitty, Who" soooo, we watched the movie.  Later that day, I happened upon Hugo singing in the quiet of his room and he wasn't singing "Bipitty, Bopitty, Boo" as we had practiced again and again, the little turkey was singing Cinderella's "O... sing, sing sweet nightingale, sing, sing aaaaAAAAaaaaaaa".  It was pure sweetness to my heart and ears.

Marlo.  She strongly dislikes having her face washed.  This girl has fuzzy, bed head every single morning.  She pats her tummy as she's being dressed, proud as punch at its roundness.  She steals shooshas from out of Sabine's mouth, even if she already has one occupying her own mouth.  She gives awesome, tight hugs around your neck.  She likes to hug and kiss her Hello Kitty dolls.  Just tonight she ruffled her lips with blowing air to make the snorting sound of a horse, surprised me to pieces.  She is still knee walking.  She loves asparagus.  And blueberry pancakes, and strawberries, and pretzels, and ham, and macaroni and cheese, and risois.  If Marlo doesn't like an item of food, check the expiration date, something must be wrong with it.  She pulls hair barrettes out in two seconds flat.  She does bring them to me.  She also pulls barrettes out of her sister Sabine's hair.  Her favorite room in the house, Hugo's.  She loves sitting in her new (Hugo's) forward facing carseat.   Marlo is her sister Sabine's side kick in the world of big smoke t-r-o-u-b-l-e, trouble.  Her legs are as ticklish as her Papa's.  She has the best, best belly laugh.  When she toots, she'll make eye contact with you and grunt/laugh like a boy.  Miss Marlo has a personality which people gravitate toward. 

Sabine.  She loves having her face washed.  This girl has pretty curls at the back of her head. She has no tummy to speak of.  Isn't in love with the shoosha like her twin sister is, never has been.  She prefers her musical giraffe with its slowly bobbing head.  She wants serious snuggle time in the morning.  As soon as the day comes that she'll be free of her baby prison of a crib, I'm afraid she'll move into our bed.  Like, for forever.  Sabine love, loves her pink, gingham Hello Kitty despite the fact that she'll toss her to the floor once each and every nap and nighttime as I cover up Marlo in her crib.  I think it's her way of getting attention from me *one*more*time* before lights out.  She says "bok" for the chicken sound.  Is still topsy turvey with her walking skills and is quite accident prone, but a trooper.  Sabine has a love for books.  She also gives more attention to detail with her toys compared to her sister.  She loves strawberries.  She wont eat whole blueberries, but if I mash them into pancakes or muffins... poof!, down the hatch they disappear.  She also likes cheese, yogurt, pretzels, ham, banana muffins, risois, spaghetti, and steamed dumplings.  No asparagus for her.  Sabine is gentle.  She makes singing sounds with her breathy, Demi Moore like voice.  She yet has her birthmark on her leg.  Sabine's favorite room in the house, Hugo's.  She is a curious baby and gets into babyish mischief which neither her brother before her, nor her sister born 3 minutes before her, ever dreamed of.  She isn't quite sure of her new carseat.  Pablo, of the Backyardigans fame, is her boyfriend.


Maggie said...

I enjoyed reading the update--you make them all sound 100% adorable. Sounds like fun to be with babies all day!

laina kay said...

Love this post. I wish I had started doing posts like this with my children. Things change so fast and my memory is so poor lately. Poof, cute mannerisms forgotten. So sad. I should start for Pinky and even Cha-Cha but feel bad for not doing it for the older ones, so they all suffer my forgetfullness. Anyhoo, your children will adore reading of their every day antics one day. Lucky.

Millie Price said...

beautiful post, ali