Friday, February 11, 2011

California Dreaming

I peeled and ate an orange while I waited for Hugo to finish his supper tonight.  Hugo watched me and said that we shouldn't eat an orange if it were green.  This brought thoughts to mind, of the two weeks we spent at his Auntie Millie's house in Oceanside, California, two long years ago.  I thought of all the beautiful fruit and flowers on her property and how warm it had been.... sigh.  I asked Hugo if he remembered the fruit trees in Aunt Millie's yard and the groves of avocados that we ran and played in?

Hugo said he remembered his cousins Lucas, Emry, and Carley, and the ocean, and the fruit trees.  I'm not so sure he really remembered the fruit trees.  I then asked if he remembered a special place that we visited with his cousins.  Hugo paused and as a smile spread over his face he quietly answered, "Yes, the cups.  And my mouse ears are hanging upstairs!"  Oh Disneyland, we miss you. 
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Shaka said...

the girls are forward facing and hugo has moved to a booster!! wow!! they're just growing up! we miss you guys. stay warm in your dreams of a sunny place!

Audra said...

I don't know why, but I love "car seat" pictures. I take them, too.

I wish I had some California dreams. I was prego with Pearl, so we never got out to see Millie before she came back to us! We are looking forward to Florida for Spring Break. ;)