Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hugo's Vest

A gazillion knitting projects have been started by me and have somehow or other lost their way to the back of a closet, knitting bag, and yarn heap.  I was a good Momma and finished up Hugo's vest the other night, which I began on our trip to Tio Raf's house this past Thanksgiving

Everything must be blue these days in Hugo Land, his favorite color.  If he watches soccer or football with his Papa, Hugo will always root for the team wearing blue.  Can you guess his favorite Backyardigan character?  Pablo, cause he's BLUE!  All of Hugo's artwork from Preschool comes home in one solid shade or another of blue.  He doesn't mind using light blue or navy or simply blue, just as long as the color is a shade of blue.  Blue, blue, blue, Hugo loves blue. 

A few tears were shed upon learning that his vest wasn't going to turn blue overnight.  I explained my intentions of adding his initials to the back of his vest in blue.  I asked what he might like me to add to the front?  I did suggest the heart, telling him that it was a sign of my love for him.  Thank heavens he wasn't grossed out by that yet, and had no fear of his friends making fun of him wearing a heart on his chest from his Momma.  Hugo asked for a "king hat".  I happily obliged.  So, if you can't tell what that motif is on the front of his vest, it's a crown over my heart, in blue.

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Maggie said...

this vest is awesome--hilarious that Hugo wants a crown--that kid cracks me up! :)