Thursday, February 3, 2011

Home Again

Hugo:  Mom why do you still have those?

Momma:  Those what?

Hugo:  Those boobs.  You don't feed the girls with them anymore, so why do you still have them?
Hugo has another snow day today not because his preschool is closed, but because our van can't get out of the driveway.  The town plow covered over the bottom of the drive with a giant bank of dirty, icy, chunked snow.  My heart sank as I walked down this morning to see how bad it might possibly be. Hugo was bathed and waiting inside with his toy all picked out for show and tell.  He was sad for about all of two seconds about staying home for one more day, he has grand ideas of playing Lego Indiana Jones and baking cookies for Papa.  I am hoping to uncover some sleds outside so we can play later on the slopes of our yard.  And just so you know, I found Hugo's snow pants last night. 

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Lizzie Bingham said...

In case the snowpants disappear again, I can remember Taylor and I wearing jeans over our pajamas when our snowclothes weren't quite dry and we couldn't wait. It worked pretty good. I'm jealous of the snow! I haven't seen any since Thanksgiving. Just ice and rain. Perpetual Fall.