Friday, February 25, 2011

Dressed In White

It snowed, again.  I hadn't kept up with the weather this week and as I opened the curtains in the nursery this morning, I was a bit shocked.  More snow!  I asked Hugo if he'd looked outside yet.  His response was of great annoyance as he muttered how he wants it to be warm when he plays outside.  He like the part about there being no school.  I felt bad for him.  He really hasn't had much fun in the snow this year.  It has been too deep for his short person and I have been stuck inside with the girls.  I could have made it more fun.  I really could have.  Next year will be the year of family fun in the snow.  Promise.  I just hope it will snow!  Next year that is, we really could use a break for the rest of the season.  I am worried where all this snow melt will go this coming spring.

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Rogue Woman said...

Love your photos of all the snow, expecially with me in Los Angeles. I will be visiting upstate Michigan in a few days and they have a TON of snow... looking forward to shooting my own winter photography!

Next year the girls will be able to go outside too. They are getting so big!