Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Morning

Cesar let me sleep in this morning which was nice, but then we missed the first hour of church.  Hugo informed me that he was "not going to church and I'm serious Mom."  I answered that he was going and I was serious too!  He told me that, "Sacrament is too long.  There are too many songs and it's boring."  I said, "Well, isn't it your lucky Sunday then.  We are missing Sacrament right now, but get dressed because you are going to Primary!"  It was a miracle that he didn't fight me about getting dressed.  It was actually smooth sailing all the way fast forward to the end of third hour.  Today was the Relief Society Visiting Teaching Conference and our meeting was nearly through when into the room burst Hugo looking for me.  He quickly handed off an item his teacher had given him to me so he could run, hands free as a bird, through the halls.  Reverence in the Chapel is not a virtue Hugo is in possession of.

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Miss Becky said...

your family photos are lovely and it's a great story too. what I really love is your shadow shot. that's delightful! I believe it's one of the best I've ever seen and it's going to stick in my mind for awhile. have a beautiful week Alissa!

Millie Price said...

i love first thing in the morning shots like these! everyone is still sleepy-eyed and has out of control hair...delightful!

Maggie said...

very cute pics--it's nice to see Cesar actually sleeps there sometimes! :)