Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Sleepover II

Tonight was Thing 3's last night in New York state for a long, long time.  We were lucky enough to score one last sleepover.  Hugo was in heaven.  I warned him ahead of time not to cry about her leaving in front of her.  Told him that she wouldn't want to see him morph into blubber boy.  He thought about that for awhile. 

Earlier in the day, Santa had sent Hugo a video message to my email, we waited till Thing 3 arrived to watch it.  It was darling.  Hugo couldn't believe his eyes or ears that Santa was speaking to him and had pictures of his past year and even gave him a sneak peak at which Christmas gift he'd be bringing to Hugo!  His little eyeballs were popping out of his head!  The cutest thing about it all was that Thing 3 was excited for Hugo.  At one point she kissed him on the cheek and declared, "Hugo!  You made the good list!"

At bedtime the kids surprised me by not wanting to sleep in the Grandma Kris bed.  Little did I know, but was soon to discover that they had a master plan.  Thing 3 said she wanted to sleep in the Alien.  Hugo has randomly requested a chance at sleeping in the Alien over the years, but I've been mean and always talked him out of it.  Tonight being Thing 3's last with us, I couldn't refuse her and I think on some level, Hugo must have known.  So we folded up his down comforter as a mattress pad, added pillows and blankets, and lastly the kids each chose a stuffed animal to cuddle with.  I read them a story, tucked them in, and turned out the light.  Not two seconds later they were giggling and running from room to room throughout the third floor.  How the babies remained asleep I am not sure, but they did.  It was a magical night of much silliness.

Finally, around 12:30 am, I noticed all was quiet.  Up the stairs I climbed to peep into Hugo's room.  The lights were on, but they were both out cold. 

Good night my lovely Hugo!

Good night sweet friend Thing 3!  We will miss you and your family!

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