Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good-Bye Girl

Our time with Miss 3 is so, so quickly drawing to a close.  Her family is moving out West on December 23rd.  Poor Hugo.  If anyone is reading this post out there in blogland, and you are a follower of my Hugo, he might need some cheering up words on December 23rd. 

Randomly throughout his day, he'll ask if Miss 3 has moved yet.  And he'll tell me that she is moving "far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far away."  He also has been telling me, "I'm going to marry Miss 3.  She is my best girl.  She is bea-u-ti-ful!  I am going to be part of her family."  He begs to see her.  He wants to go to her house.  He wants her to come to our house.  It doesn't matter where they get together, he simply wants to see her. 

It was our Christmas Dinner at Church last night.  I had signed up to make rolls and everyone was asked to bring something sweet.  So I was beginning to make an apple tart for my sweet, when I thought of Hugo and Miss 3.  Quickly I dialed up her Momma and asked if she minded if I took her daughter home from the party for a sleep over.  She said yes!  I decided to tell Hugo only that he had a surprise coming later that night.  He was on pins and needles.  About drove me nuts with all the asking and far off guessing.

We didn't return home until 9pm or so.  The kids giggled in bed till a little before midnight. 

If you happen to spy Hugo on the side of the road, with his thumb in the air while holding a sign which reads OUT WEST OR BUST!, please call me.

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