Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sabine Smiles

This smiling face above is what I've been waiting to see from our sweet Sabine.  She is such a calm, cuddly, pretty, and sweet baby girl.  With that said, she sometimes takes a back seat to her sister Marlo's vivacious self.  Early on, Marlo was the smaller of our two new babies, which translated to the fact that she was needy and demanding and misunderstood, and a baby which I worried over.  At the same time, Sabine watched and waited and slept on cue.  Thankfully, Marlo woke up from her misunderstood stupor one fine day, and has been happy, loud, and inquisitive ever since.  People naturally gravitate toward Marlo.  Sabine, being that she is naturally quiet and has more of a dead pan expression, quietly waits again.

Ever since the girls began their tummy time and I realized that Sabine was having such a struggle to lift her head, I've felt very protective of her.  I hold Sabine, I let others help me by holding Marlo.  Sabine doesn't mind that Marlo gets most of the attention from those outside our family.  Here in our home, I believe that I've been giving more of my attention to Sabine.  I hope, hope, hope that Marlo doesn't feel it, or that it wont hurt our relationship in the future.  I feel secure in my relationship with Hugo, but twin baby girls are constant work and maintenance.  Whew!  On the other hand, Sabine one day will notice that I, so far at least, photograph Marlo more than her.  Marlo is just an easier subject.  My sister Millie agrees.  Life for a twin Momma is a tricky one.

Sabine has made progress in her emotional growth and motor skills all of a sudden.  It has been magical to see her beginning to catch up with her twin in these areas.

*Last Friday Sabine clapped her hands while eating her dinner for the first time.

*Saturday night was the first bath in which Sabine did not scream in months and months.

*Yesterday, she climbed the main staircase for the first time.

*Today she stretched out her arms, to be held by Mary, while we waited in line to pick up our sons. 

Sabine used to be the best sleeper, by far, when compared with Cranky Marlo.  Now they seem to have switched rolls.  My girlfriend Ruth Ann said they would.  I didn't believe her, but she was right.

The girls are just different.  I have to remind myself more often of this fact.

Below I've included many photos of Sweet Sabine which look very similar to one another, I know.  I can't help myself though.  These are the expression I see the most on her face.  Maybe she will yet change in this area, maybe she wont.  In the case she does change or surely as she grows and ages, I will want to remember these baby faces of hers.  The calm before the storm possibly??  She sure is a stubborn one.

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Maggie May said...

I think both of the twins are precious--I don't have a favorite. And maybe it'll be good for their later relationship, to have one more outgoing than the other. Sabine looks adorable when she smiles too! :)

Pagan Sphinx said...

My girls are 16 months apart and now 23 and almost 22 (on Dec. 18). Not twins-twins but very close. Your mothering instincts are right on. You are loving them both and also giving each what she needs.

Beautiful post of those precious girls. And Hugo, what a secure little boy he seems to be. :-)


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Millie Price said...

ohhh! they're just too precious. i love these everyday moments.